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John Blakeley
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The Company I Keep


The company I keep has been fighting to right a gross injustice for 15 years - it includes former Ministers (even a former PM), senior politicians of all parties and professional military and civilian aircrew and engineers - some of whom have investigated this accident and the serious flaws in its investigation to a much greater depth than I have. Thus I am quite happy to be associated with it, in my own name. Sadly, it has taken the Nimrod accident and the Haddon-Cave Inquiry for the MOD and RAF to realise where their (mis) management of airworthiness standards and procedures has taken them over the last 20 years - something the Mull Group and other pressure groups campaigning to improve airworthiness managment and standards and the "fitness for purpose" of RAF aircraft had been pointing out, with some success, eg in MOD finally fitting ESF for Hercules, long before H-C "made it official".

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