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JB..... and given your background I am surprised at some of the company you keep. Meanwhile, you are talking about alleged failures in the heirachy, on which, being long gone, I cannot comment.

As John Blakeley posts under his own name and his former rank is, I believe, widely known, I find it reassuring he keeps the company he does.

You, John Purdey, on the other hand, take gratification it denigrating a fellow officer and keep the company of those who regard the regulations as something senior staffs can ignore, content in the knowledge you can always blame the consequences on junior officers.

I may be of a different Service, but I can still spot the difference between a leader and someone who blindly follows the party line while not caring one iota for duty of care. I'm sure the Air Staffs, past and present, are so proud of you. I'm also sure there are those who cringe at your posts and thank God you are no longer responsible for a major component of airworthiness.
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