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Thats completely out of order
No, it's not. It's the only scenario I can offer whereby, a supposedly, highly trained... supposedly highly competent pilot officer... ignored flight instruction procedures and replaced them with his own untested version... that involved taking the aircraft beyond known limits and then ignoring the multitude of warnings.

It goes further than pilot and crew incompetence. Maybe the issue is just lack of ability within the USAF commanders, and severe deficiencies in their training programs, as indicated in this extract...

"Because he (the pilot) was an accomplished aviator, leadership allowed him to operate independently with little or no oversight".
If this isn't a major failure within USAF leadership and command procedures, I don't know what is. The only parallel I could imagine with this setup, is a battle commander landing a battalion of troops on a battlefield, and then allowing the officers to formulate their own individual plans of attack, because they were individually regarded as being extremely competent.
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