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caz, if that hillside had been bestrewn with met observers (is there a collective for them?) I would readily accept their evidence as to how far they thought they could see. I am just as prepared to accept the evidence of those who were out at sea, that the visibility there was dramatically different, even though it was still "in the vicinity of the Mull"! Why can't you?
To be honest I now find your continual promotion of the former in contrast to the latter disingenuous to say the least. You purport to be an ex A cat VIP pilot and an ex Flight Safety Staff Officer. I can only say that recent posts belie that, though I am prepared to accept that the agenda has got in the way. In that regard a word to the wise. This thread has moved completely from the outraged, "Are you suggesting that honourable Air Rank Officers would conspire to unjustly besmirch the reputations of two deceased junior officers to cover up an alleged scandal concerning the organised suborning of Military Airworthiness?". The short answer to that is yes, and I suspect that many that post here have become so persuaded, albeit very reluctantly. Perhaps you too might reconsider your position, but that of course is up to you. Your credibility though is up to others. This one is not greatly convinced of it.
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