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Do you believe some Yachtie or some qualified Met chap

If you do wish to be treated seriously please do some research before you post.
Take a look at the many photographs (posted mainly by Walter).
The qualified Met Chap was on top of the 300ft cliff in a fogbank.
The yachtie was two miles away, at sea level, in clear air. They were both honorable men giving their best estimates of the weather, and there is no confliction in their evidence.

I notice you have no answer to my question on inadequate planning. You just ignore it and change the subject.

Your amazing abilities at DR navigation have been discussed before on this thread.

I know of nobody on this thread who claims that Airworthiness or the incidents reported by Burke were the cause of this accident. They simply have never been ruled out as a cause. Hence failure in the Burden of Proof.

Any answers on why the Planning was bad or where the Airmanship was poor?
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