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NA & NB also caused some problems when operated in passenger mode.. The freight door, its frame, and the freight floor all added to the basic weight. They had the basic wing, and -9 engines, which limited the max take off weight. If it was hot, no wind, high pressure altitude you would be severely limited on payload/fuel.
Did Luton - Ibiza in one on one occasion, and had to tech stop Gerona for fuel.
On another occasion, in Naples, the wind was such that take off into wind on the south west runway was a no-go due to obstacle limits, and take off to the north west with a tail wind ( the usual choice ) was out as the wind was too strong. We had even worked on going to Rome Ciampino, with Rome Fiumicino as alt., taking the passengers only, and having the bags sent by road, and it still wouldn't work. Ended up waiting for the wind to drop.

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