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I think the problem is when a DEFO decides to come to HK for expat terms.

If he wasn't required to come to HK how can he be offered expat terms and if he was then a cadet who's also on a base and now has "those skills" can apply for the same job, or for that matter a cadet in HK on the Airbus can say I have the skills for that 744 position on expat terms.

Returning for Command however is different I believe and expat terms can be paid, but assume it will eventually have similar problems for those wishing to return from a base.

This is all applicable to those hired after the RDO came into force, but as soon as the first cadet gets a better deal the rest are surely going to request it.

It's called a racial discrimination ordinance but it's probably better to call it a skills discrimination ordinance.
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