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I did read the supp evidence but it was too weak too late - still missing the point about the opportunity? - it was wasted.
Meanwhile he has not saved your time by eliminating engine control problems from your airworthiness issue (ie the matched power level and the absence of apparent required action in the case of a runaway).
Nor has he helped you understand the unlikelihood of such an a/c maintaining straight and level in the event of a control jam - an unlikelihood multiplied when apparently still following an intended track (035).
All the available data fits with a deliberate approach to a fixed point (that just happened to be a handy line for a swing around the light house) which, for whatever reason, they misjudged;
had it been all their own idea, then they would have been negligent to some degree but, even in the absence of any equipment testing, had they been requested to do this approach then it would have been just a bad airmanship issue - so why not press for disclosure of the detailed planning? Going by way of the Mull made no sense for a simple ferry flight short of time and on fuel - they should have cut towards waypoint B miles earlier than waypoint change if they had no need to get in close to the Mull - check out the Kintyre coast from the Mull up to Corran - a ridiculous option in the conditions of the day with their limitations - anyway, as I have tried to point out previously, it looked like they were going to go from the Mull out to the 028 track to Corran after touching base there.
Against this common sense you (collectively speaking) prefer to pin your hopes on the a/c going wrong just at this point in such a way that they could do nothing about it, you seemingly oblivious to the continuous control functionality required for the preceding 40 miles, and ignoring (thanks in part to Sqn Ldr Burke) that they apparently had control in the last seconds, not just in initiating any random evasive manoeuvre but the sideways yaw that was their best option (with their intermediate power setting that would not have allowed much of a zoom climb) when they realised their proximity to the terrain.
Get your heads out of the sand.
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