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What restrictions on pms? - I send and receive pms.
The rest of your post is pathetic - want points debating? - what about Burke?
He has been exemplary in misleading:
remember the inquiry when the pedal was pushed left and he said that such yaw demands were inappropriate for helicopters at speed, describing single rotor helos in a normal banked turn - thus wasting the opportunity for the inquiry to consider that in an emergency a pilot could turn a tandem rotor sideways for a quick stop?;
and engine runaways? while this one was found to have had the engines matched at an intermediate level? and that the action in the case of a runaway would have been to initiate a climb to load the engines (that could have been the hand of God in this instance)?
What a star he has been.
The visibility I have described is there for all to see who would make the effort to go up there in the summer.
Don't talk to me about going around in circles -
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