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Enough is enough

Surely CC will see from this that BASSA are now in the final stages of digging their own graves and don't seem to mind who they take with them.
They have painted themselves in to a corner with just about everyone, very few have any respect for what they stand for or what they want. The latest missive regarding negotiation is remarkable, describing what they feel negotiation is and then stating that before they start to negotiate that they want a certain set of criteria fulfilled!
They are scoring so many own goals...Mr Woodley now appears to be the latest target as he couldn't give them what they demanded and therefore they are stamping their feet and seem to be attempting to go it alone, despite the courts proving previously that they were unable to 'negotiate' in any coherant manner. I wonder if Mr Woodley is close to casting them free. I bet BA can't believe just how well this is going...BASSA/CC89 are doing a better job of cost reduction and reducing union influence than they could have ever hoped for.
Surely now CC, take a step back and just for a moment try to avoid confirmation bias. Take a couple of moments to ask yourself if there are any reasons to think that you are being led astray, perhaps not even maliciously but through sheers incompetence. Ask yourself why even members of Unite are not backing BASSA and are even voluntering to work in your absence? Look at the facts and don't be too proud admit that you may have made a mistake. Your colleagues will support you...everyone wants this to end and to move forward.
If you feel that you must follow the BASSA leadership...that is your perogative, but please find out where they are taking you and what is in it for you.
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