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AV Flyer:
if I was BA I would pull the pin from the proverbial grenade and toss it into the BASSA/AMICUS/Unite meeting later today by taking the current offer off the table (on the legitimate grounds of BASSA/AMICUS's failure to recommend) and then watching the ensuing bickering, in-fighting and panic with mild amusement.
I'm sure its tempting... but my money is on BA lettting the staff keep Staff travel as agreed, only to individually lose it again if they are involved infurther industrial action.

This way, when the Union call the next strike, how many of the staff will strike:

a) and actually have the stomach to lose those benefits again, in the knowledge that the union most certainly can't get the benfeits back in "5 minutes" (instead waiting for a possible 5 year plus journey through the European courts)

b) strike knowing that the legal grounds were being contested and could be unprotected, and result in instant dismissal, and the end of their career, and all of their T&C's

Game over BASSA?

Colonel White:
If the militants in the union were true to their left wing beliefs, they would not be working for a capitalist organisation.
Indeed, the irony works on so many levels! If these BASSA militants were so ingrained in these beliefs would they really be basing the core of their careers around looking after First and business Class passengers?!
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