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I wouldn't put too much into it. It's a typical hi-jack of a dispute by the likes of the Socialist Workers Party as mentioned by Ancient Observer. It happens at some stage in most major disputes with a large national profile.
It only confirms how out of touch they are with TU membership...I doubt even those who vote for IA will do so based on that document.
Given that the item appears on a union sponsored site, it is painfully obvious that this diatribe, if cobbled together by the SWP or similar trendy lefty organisation, was written with the full knowledge and I daresay, at the behest of the branch leadership.

Of course the crowning irony is that what we have here is a classic example of left wing hypocrisy. If the militants in the union were true to their left wing beliefs, they would not be working for a capitalist organisation. They would have set up their own collective operation. Moreover, they would recognise the equal value of other workers within the enterprise, so clerical staff, ground crew and even sales people would be acknowledged as having equal say. Quite a contrast to the rather pompous view expressed by some BASSA supporters that cabin crew are the most important part of the organisation.

I just wonder how many of the remaining BASSA members truly understand what life in a Marxist/Leninist state is really like. When the notion of luxury for the masses is frowned on. Where there are no such things as designer labels. Where utilitarian is the watchword.

Maybe the best example of what happens when a left wing sponsored group seize control of a nation is Zimbabwe, where both ZANU and ZAPU wee sponsored by the Chinese communist party and the Soviet communist party respectively. Come to think of it, the current leader of Zimbabwe has shown a remarkable reluctance to relinquish power. Who does that remind you of ?
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