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Same old mantra. You answer only the bits you like.
The visibility was over 1nm. The aircraft was clear of cloud and in sight of the surface. They were VMC?? A simple yes / no will suffice.
RACAL says the IAS at Waypoint Change was 127, Holbrook puts it lower.
Either way was the speed excessive at that point??
The SH pilots on this thread say not. Tell us again your expertise to refute this.

There was no departure fix. However the G/S from TO to Impact was 150 to 155kts.
They therefore must have transited at a IAS of greater than 127.

This indicates a slowing down approaching the coast. Come on Mr A1, does this indicate good airmanship or not?? Simple Y/N will suffice.

Both RACAL and the accident investigator suggest the aircraft must at some stage have increased speed between Waypoint change and impact.

Appart from the Sqn Ldr Burke theory of an engine runaway or deliberate siucide, can you give us your expert opinion on why this could happen.
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