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From the other forum

....just when you thought you'd seen it all! DH is holding court on BASSA forum and this is his latest posting (you may want to sit down incase you collapse laughing)

I tell you what this dispute has done, more than anything else and this is more important than anything tangible - it has told BA that they can't bully the membership without strong resistance. It has told BA they can't smash the union without strong resistance. It has told BA they can't just do what they please without strong resistance. This dispute has empowered you the membership to stand up and be heard. It has given you all a common purpose and it has given you pride and faith in the majority of your colleagues. It has proved that the little man in the street can oppose big corporate bullies. It has stopped BA in their tracks and quite possible helped this job from being completely worthless in 10 years time. Are you still on your old terms and conditions and has anyone forced you to new fleet? No they haven't dared. You are still earning the same money and allowances. This dispute is all about having a voice and the power to shape your destiny. I could go on all night but will finish up by saying No, Hatty, you have gained nothing you can touch and you are right those 4 things are a product of this dispute but my God how you have achieved more than you will ever know. Years from now you will fully realise what you have done. Rgds Duncan

Not quite Duncan...
New staffing levels
Loss of pay and allowances over strike period
Loss of staff travel
Cabin crew have become pariah figures in the media, amongst colleagues and the gneral public
Cost of union funds fighting unwinnable court cases
Dozens of sackings including your own due to bullyng and irresponsible behaviour
New Fleet up and running
Not allowing your members to have a voice
BA have got the savings they want and who knows what else is on the horizon
90 Day notice??

Congratulations Duncan...something to really be proud of.

I am sure in 10 years time you will be fondly remembered as the man who achieved all this.
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