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Agree with your view re the reps self interest, however I would go a step further.
I don't believe the reps had anything other then their own narrow interests in mind at ANY time. This has been the most dysfunctional group of reps imaginable and the main reason they have been able to get away with it is the mobile nature of the membership.

I was a senior ground staff rep for a number of years and we were always around for our colleagues to take us to task if they were unhappy with any decisions. We were given very limited time away from our day jobs, so had a good understanding of the mood. We never took a penny from subs and probably spent more of our own resources than we claimed on expenses. I will always be proud of the way we represented our colleagues best interests honestly without politics or personal agendas. Years from now will the BASSA reps be able to say the same thing.

This bunch of BASSA reps seem to run the branch as their own personal fiefdom (Did I spell that correctly??? ).
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