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A serious breach of in-flight safety?

Tray Surfer, over on the crew thread, has blithely informed her readers, colleagues (and her managers, come to that) that
I have no hesitation going in and out of the flight deck and feel that some Pursers are quite happy for me to do flight deck service. I still ask, crew permitting, if I can go in the flight deck for take off and landing, much to the dislike of some, but it is always welcomed by the flight crew.
If this cabin crew operative is happily joyriding in the cockpit for take off and for landing then 'ipso facto' her door position has been left unmanned.

Just what does this say for the safety of all on board Tray Surfer's flights during the most critical stages? Does the CAA know about this wanton violation? Surely flight safety is more important than Tray Surfer getting her jollies?

More to the point, does British Airways' leadership team condone this practice?
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