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my understanding of it is, that you get just above min wage while in initial training at the fto, which is a lot more that most get while training. i also uderstand that the 150k covers your 100k ish atpl training and the bond for the 2 type ratings, all said, this is fine and in keeping with the current rates of training and company bonding for cadets on schemes today... the problem bit would be to then work for a reduced wage, this is not fair and not realisitc.. either bond the cadet for 100k for atpl training and take the cost of the type rating out of salary, or else bond for 150k and pay a full wage..
it is not possible for anyone in ireland today to pay a 150k loan and live on a reduced wage and it is crazy to even go down this road, sure where would they get the money, the banks are f**ked and so is the economy..
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