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@chairwrecker, i'd definitely spare you of some melodrama if that already annoys you... but regarding going out of the country: trouble is, i don't have the opportunity yet. and yes, i do have very very noble intentions because i'm already sick and tired of all the mess our country is going through. if you know me personally, you'd definitely understand why my being a "legal consultant" is more than just a job... it's an urge actually... i really really want to help this country improve (all my ancestors, cousins, etc etc etc are filipinos!!! and i've been living here for almost quarter of a century and i've never been out of the country!!!)... i just don't want to get rich... what's with wealth anyway when everything around you is in despair? i'd want to get things in harmony, for real... sorry for making this such an off-topic post. i just want you to understand why i'm being "melodramatic." hopefully you'd understand so we can get back to the topic already. sorry for the annoyance, i'd spare you the next one (as much as possible).

heheheh... pretty long response to such a silly question. honestly, chairwrecker, please read my other posts MORE carefully or get to know me personally so you'll know why i'm being like this... it will be a very very long story, i tell you.
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