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NSF point is more valid now then ever as the Airline has started maturing
Exactly, and this is the point a few on this thread are clearly missing. It isn't three years to command at easy anymore. There is a long, long list of pilots in the airline who have been here years and are suitably qualified, awaiting assessment. As the airline reduces its expansion the time spent in the RHS will increase. We don't need DECs' anymore. I agree it is a poor state of affairs that only those from CTC are allowed to join, and the company are making a mistake with their recruitment policy of F/Os.

As for comments such as

Glad to hear that EJ are not interested in the best people for the job, merely those who can just about step up to the mark. No wonder you are always late.
Can't you come up with something more original? Our safety record over the past 15 years speaks for itself. We clearly do have the best people for the job.
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