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To answer your point here and your question on the Jet2 thread: I do think the public would be interested but unfortunately I don't have much faith in the ability of these programme makers to make a convincing argument and if they get the message wrong then they risk long term damage to the argument. There is so much money at stake here that the airlines and as you say toothless CAA, will go to enormous lengths to prove how safe evrything is.

I remain to be corrected but I always get the impression they (programme makers) are only interested in the big dramatic soundbites whereas to address the problem properly would require one of of the old style investigative journalists to conduct some serious in depth research in order to produce a convincing argument. The Colgan crash at Buffalo N.Y. would certainly be a good starting point: Colgan Air Flight 3407 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Part of the problem is that we as pilots, can't even seem to agree what the problem is or even if there is a problem, just witness the attempts at defending the shocking Jet2 package. Just think about it; the F/O salary is quoted somewhere as 41,000 (plus max 6.00 per sector) but they only get paid 70% of that so 28,700 but are also required to fork out somewher between 25k and 16k up front (depending on what you believe) How is anyone expected to live on 3,500 (not even taking tax into account) BUT some will attempt it and right there you have the recipe for "Colgan" syndrome to be played out, right here in the UK, whereby some pilots simply cannot afford proper accomodation, whilst they commute for a job which they have accepted in desperation.

Another area for such research of course is the MPL (Multi-crew Pilot Licence), yet another vehicle to produce even less experienced pilots at even less cost and heavily supported by Boeing Flight Training for one (Pretty sure Airbus won't be far behind)

I am aware however, that there is a book being written (not sure of publication date) called "Race to the bottom" but the cynical side of me says its all too late and the bean counters, aided by far too many self centred and selfish pilots have won and there is no way back from the model we now have.
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