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Betty girl

dear oh dear

Its a rumour forum!!

That being said I post what I hear from some very well placed people

Pornpants, it important that you don't pass on hearsay as fact on this thread.
The only routes that have been confirmed so far are from November- Prague, St. Petersburg and Pisa and from December- Denver and Las Vegas.

WW crew are trained on the 777 and the crew who fly on the new aircraft has not been decided yet.
Where have I passed anything off as "fact"?

To repeat myself , I have been told by numerous people over the last 10 days that "legacy crew' will not be operating the flights listed above nor will they be crewing the 787 or a380.

Ask yourself if you were BA, and in order to save money what would you do? Lets face it LA LA has already admitted in writting that on the SIN terminator alone BA could save 4 million per year with new fleet.

I am talking summer 2011 for the above routes!!!! 4 x a380 arrive in 2013, and 787 hopefully start arrive late 2012. So the wishlist you quote above is long out of date by then!

I say again, I am really really glad BASSA have taken the hard line stance that they have, its worked wonders
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