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A pity - conversations on these threads deteriorate into aggressive verbal attacks

Originally posted by 617sqn on 29 September 2010 (thread 2216 of Your thoughts and Questions II).
I am BA cc based at LHR worldwide fleet(longhaul)
We would never be rostered to do a trip with the entire crew again as it would not be possible. Some people may have part time, leave or UK request days next so it would not work.
I will check in for a long haul trip and not usually know anyone on the crew.
I can appreciate that this does sound strange to non flyers who have familiarity in their work place.
Crew, both in the cabin and the flight deck, get used to getting on board not even knowing everyone's names. We all know what tasks have to be done before passenger boarding. This is a very busy time so no real chit chat can take place.
What this means for a minority of the thousands of cabin crew is that after a decade or two of living without "chat", these few have not polished their way of speaking to colleagues who have different ideas and views about xyz (xyz can be unions or management or BASSA or CC89 or just about anything that other cc say).
What is the answer to social starvation?_ The only worthwhile answer has to be one discovered and developed by cabin crew.
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