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OOOOHH I get to go first!

ust trust me when I tell you that no one likes Willie Walsh and he does not inspire any of his workforce to be the best. We are products of a previous chief executive Colin Marshall who inspired us all to be the best and it is his legacy of customer service that runs through many of us.
Bettygirl.. I'm not sure who the "no one" you refer to is. Are you meaning CC? All BA staff? I wouldn't dream of speaking for you, or any other CC, nor any other department in BA, so whilst it may be the case in your area, i must disagree that Willie Walsh is universally disliked. On the contrary, in my department, and most of the others that i come into contact with, he is very well respected and liked. Sure, he is not from the fluffy fluffy give the crowd what they ask for school like Colin Marshall and Rod Eddington, and under WW i have had to work longer, harder, and for fewer bonuses/pay rises. However, under WW i feel that what i do IS important and makes a difference, and that he is working harder to make our company a viable one with a future.

I would take that any day over some one with flowery phrases who keeps doling out money on things that don't pay, and don't bring us returns. I come from a Customer service background in BA, and i will agree we have had to stop doing some things that we used to do. But most of these things are nice to do's that customers tell us they don't value enough to pay for. Times change, customers change, markets change, and we have to work out how to change with it, and do things cleverer.

Willie Walsh ain't perfect i'll agree, but i'm a fan, and will continue to be..
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