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TSA was always pretty much a certainty as they clearly state "for the initial issue of any FAA certificate".
Agree with you (however as discussed previously, $$ make more sense than logic).
What they are telling you however is that you specifically need to get a visa - the B2.
No, they're telling that I may engage in a short course of study on a tourist visa. "specifically need to get" is your interpretation.

Wouldn't it make sense that I was given the short answer that applies to all, regardless of citizenship?
And that "if however you're a national of a VWP participating country and meet the requirements ....blah blah...you get the idea"?

They do NOT say you can enter on the VWP.
They do not say I can't, do they?
A B2 visa is required for those individuals who are NOT eligible for the VWP.
Correct sentence - similar to "those individuals who are eligible for the VWP don't require a B-2 visa".

Agree with everything you say about restrictions on the VWP (did read post #19 of this thread) and visa not guaranteeing entry. And I personally am eligible, thank you (I have been visiting the US every other year for the past 10 years).

Oh wait... just got the following:

Question (sent with the full inquiry in the body of the message, before somebody argues that they're giving a restricted answer due to lack of information...):
May I engage in the short course of study I mentioned using the Visa Waiver Program, or shall I specifically apply for a B-2 tourist visa?

Yes, this can be done under the auspices of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) as well.

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