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An update on my scenario Going direct to the ATP practical exam.

1 - TSA threat assessment:

I wrote to the TSA ([email protected]) explaining the scenario in details, the answer came as quick as short:
Good Morning,
You do have to go through TSA.

I'm seeking my first stand-alone FAA certificate, Fair enough

2 - Visa (emailed Dept of State for info)

I copy this in extenso so you can appreciate that I did mention (more than once!) the fact I wanted to take a test for the issuance of a certificate.

I am a professional pilot in the UK and while on holiday in the US I would like to take a test for the issuance of an FAA flying certificate.
My qualifications and previous experience allow me to take the practical test without any formal training.
During my stay (around 3 weeks) I plan to do 4 or 5 hours of recurrent training and preparation flights before taking the practical exam.
I won't require any sign off from an instructor to take the test, and the whole process should take no more than a week.
As I don't need to have an endorsement from an authorized instructor prior to my test, could you please confirm whether I need an M-1 visa to take this test?

U.S. immigration law stipulates that foreign nationals planning to enter the United States primarily for tourism, who would like to engage in an incidental, vocational/nonacademic, short course of study (18 hours per week or less) while here may do so on a B-2 tourist visa.

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