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I've pushed a LT article through Google auto-translate, see the last official info below, note they are two hours ahead of the UK, so this is from 5:23pm:

?Star1 Airlines? v?l at?auk? skryd?ius, ne?inia d?l ateities veiklos i?lieka (atnaujinta 19.23 val.) |

Supplemented by 19:23 pm. Star1 Airlines issued a statement informing that the retention of the leased aircraft at Dublin Airport and fails to cancel the flight on Thursday Vilnius - London - Girona and Vilnius - Vilnius - Gerona.
Friday also will be conducted the following operations: Vilnius - Milan - Vilnius, Vilnius - London - Vilnius.
The airline announced that it canceled its flights passengers must arrange their own travel.
Star1 Airlines management is also informed that the current negotiations with the Dublin Airport detained the aircraft, leased to the company, the owners of the aircraft return to Vilnius.
Information on Star1 Airlines Opportunities in 2010 25 September and then set to continue its business operations and will be published on Friday by 16 am.
Interpreting this from the auto-translate, all flights are cancelled. We've seen those things before. Even if they get the plane back, it's very unlikely to rescue them.
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