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@ Roccoreid ...
Back on thread. To fellow SLF, though I thought it was Self Loading Cargo, who use BA for business are you seeing or even doing yourselves a decline in booking BA for fear of a strike? Or does the business world have confidence that BA will ride out the strike??
I am seeing positive effects and growing confidence. I put a hold on my company's forward booking with BA for a while, but lifted that a couple of months ago. I'm also booking ahead for personal trips [later this month and next April].

I have the feeling that most people are now doing the same thing, as BA has shown that it can operate credible schedules during periods of BASAA disruption. I flew TATL with BA during the last strike period ... we had a bit of multiple re-booking as the schedules were fine-tuned, but eventually flew virtually as scheduled [just had to come back one day early].

The BASSA game is virtually over. It will be interesting to see what support Woodley gets for a Unite-wide attack on BA; I'm guessing most employees are likely to vote for having a job!
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