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I have been telling mum to bait them some the end they know they are being played for the game and they give one email he even asked about the FAT BULL.........well those who know anything do not want FAT Bulls

Check This out.....This is where the game started to ramp up, Mums partner Dennis was throwing more baits! Of course there is always an excuse why not to give you an address or any details.

Hi Brian
That bull has been sold, however we have a couple of outstanding bulls for sale within the price range that James mentioned. If you could give us a forwarding address I will send you some photos and pedigree information

Hi Dennis,
Thanks for the email. I am interested in the ones available. I would like to know if they as fat as the one I saw. I would appreciate it if you send photos to me via email and the pedigree information as I am located in New Zealand and it will take time for the package to get to me.


I wonder if the also want to buy FAT YAK's........I think that was a beer we had in the USA
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