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Devil What now....Cows!!!

And Forkie had better is the contents of an email exhange from a scammer trying to "Buy a Bull" from my mother.......yep....a load of BULL

Speaks a funny version of kiwi this guy!

James gave me your email to contact you about this breed of
bull which I am interested in. I would want to know if the one I saw in
the picture is still for sale. I really like that one and I want to
know the price.
Reply so we can continue as I want to buy soon.
Thanks and regards.

Hi Pam $ Dennis,
Thanks for the email. I am glad to know you still have the bull for sale. I am interested in Ultra Sonic
The price is fine with me and I have seen the pictures.
I am a Field Support Engineer in New Zealand and that is where I want him shipped. I have an agent who would come pick up at your location after you have received payment...
Being that I want it soon, I want us to proceed with payment which will be by a Bank Check. The extra money for the shipping will also be included in the payment, Which you will forward to the shipper when you have deducted yours.
Kindly get back to me with the following details for us to proceed:
FULL NAME................
Full ADDRESS...................
ZIP CODE...............
PHONE NUMBER...........
Will be waiting for the information so we can proceed.
Now, you can remove the advert from the internet and tell others it has been sold. Regards,

Engr. Brian Daniels
Anyway mother played him along thinking you are a bit strange for an engineer in NZ with a very anglo saxon name and your written ENGRISH is pathetic, so with much laughter and surprise mail at the farm today yielded a beautiful Commonwealth Bank draft.....with all sorts of security and authenticity stuff on the back to make sure it was real .....would have been more real without it. Anyway it has no DATE on it anywhere.....and it was posted from the UK.

now they are gonna be pissed when they find they spent all that time and effort printing and posting it only to find mum's not getting sucked in.

I have suggested she keep the game going until they start asking her to pay for the transport to Auckland via a Western Union Transfer or something. If it goes any further I will post the next round too!

Its almost a sport, but some folk get burnt!
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