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Be warned, it extends to flat rentals and sub rentals right now.

My Son had a variant of this type of Scam last week in Edinburgh where he is sub letting a room of his flat.

He got an email from a very attractive girl in South Africa (with photo) claiming to work for a major South African company who was coming to Edinburgh to study something professional for Six months and enquired if flat was still free.

She said the flat sounded delightful and that she wanted to take it. She was going to send a cheque for 500 quid as prepayment of a months rent.

Son and his flatmate thought this was too good to be true, one or Two spelling errors in emails. Checked the company and it exists.

Lady says she has sent cheque for 2500 quid as the company accountant had made a mistake and included her airfare and first months expenses in the one cheque by accident. Would they deposit the cheque and remit the 2000 quid balance? She would tell them how.

Son rang me for advice. I told him it most definitely was too good to be true. I also explained that the scammers usually ask for a remit via Western Union. They lie by saying "the money won't be released to me until you allow it." which is bullshyte, Western Union transfers are irrevocable and instant.

SMS messages bounced. Official looking Cheque arrived in company envelope with letter on letterhead two days later - sent to police.
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