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This has been happening with boats and motor vehicles for some time now. Effectively the scam revolves around the buyer working in some remote place like an oil rig or somewhere who gets in touch with the seller, tells them that he is happy with the purchase as is and gets you to pay a freight forwarding "agent/company" because, the buyer tells you, that the agent is difficult to deal with and with the horrendous cost of overseas freight for large articles he has asked the "buyer" for the money up front, an amount - usually anywhere between a couple to around ten grand - after the supposedly interested buyer deposits a sizeable deposit in a Paypal account - that they ask you to set up so that they can "get the money to you". This money never gets the chance to clear and by the time it is due to have cleared it has been withdrawn by the supposed buyer, leaving you $X,000+ out of pocket to a bogus account that the "buyer" has set up to look like a freight forwarding company.

Has been around for quite some time now.


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