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....... in a way, that illustrates that for flying the aircraft things like TAS and GS are not really that important... that's why there are no big instruments indicating TAS or GS..
It was one of the strange little differences between the BA and Air France aircraft that the French had a small digital TAS indicator (on the lower F/O's instrument panel) and BA had none.
As you rightly say, as an indicator TAS is not that much use to you, BUT TAS is vital for calculating wind speed/direction within an INS/IRS system, hence that is why any air data computer gives a TAS output to the INS or IRS.
dumb question from a techie... the 373 miles is presumably just the distance to the next INS waypoint?
Nothing dumb about the question (I wonder if you are even capable of such a thing ChristiaanJ ). Yes, the distance window on the HSI related to the next INS waypoint.

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