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This thread deserves an award...

I'm not a professional pilot, just a humble owner of a PPL with a very strong interest in aviation and a long time reader here (esp. in the Tech Log board). I've never posted here, because I prefer to read and learn from those who know it better, but this thread has finally managed to lure me out of lurking mode
If anyone has seen the video of AF landing at BZZ after the first post-grounding test flight, you may have noticed that you can hear the buckets translating to reverse even over the noise of the blustery wind and four Olympus 593's at idle.
Like in this video?
YouTube - Concorde late 32 landing at Leeds/Bradford Airport

There is a strange high pitch sound that kicks in for about a second in the same moment the nose wheel makes contact with the ground and before the actual reverse thrust sound can be heard.

Thanks to all for sharing all this information about one of the most fascinating machines ever created by human mankind.
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