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Just read the piece on the other thread, which I assume is BASSA Comms (although this isn't explicitly said).

It's very interesting isn't it...... the tone I mean, reading between the lines.

I'm sure everybody would want a crew member (VCC or otherwise) to be proficient in the safety aspects of the flight and aeroplane they are travelling on.

But the way the message is phrased is almost like saying to the senior crew member, with a nudge and a wink, "pick on these VCC's and be sure to ask them safety questions" - In the veiled hope I presume of tripping some of them up and getting them kicked off the aeroplane.

I wonder how normal, asking questions of crew like this actually is on a day to day basis. If it's normally done at every briefing then fine, it should continue.

I just felt it was a way of sticking the boot into VCC's 'legitimately'
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