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Some will hit the alt minima prior to 1.7DME, then start to climb prior to the MAPt.
Understandable if company policy is to not allow visual circling. 910ft at 2.6nm from the threshold (1.7 DME) is around 100ft above the 3 slope (disregarding the bend onto final), which, if you throw in the autopilot flare-to-level, will put you well above the PAPI 3, requiring some very deft stick-and-rudder work to get back on slope by 500ft.

If I were not permitted to circle, then I'd be using a 3x profile, clipping that 1500ft step, and when I got to 910ft (at 3DME), I'd do a Missed Approach.

Since I am allowed to circle, I'd stay at the circling config, still fly the same profile but if not visual, fly in to the Mapt at 910ft. Get visual early enough? Take landing flap, finish the checklist and land straight-in. Get visual too late for a Straight In? Circle via a left circuit.
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