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Now rumours indicate ILS out till NOV or later!!

Whose orifice did you pluck that rumour out of?
The ILS is still scheduled for flight testing in about 3 weeks.

The best way I've found to skin this cat is reach the Mapt at 910',...
This is what we expect all cat C aircraft capable of, however the actual experience has been a mixed bag. Some will hit the alt minima prior to 1.7DME, then start to climb prior to the MAPt. Others level off at 1000' or higher as Company SOPs may require them to be stabilized by this level.

With respect to extra costs involved, why are some of the airlines sending flights up (even after direct advice from local ATC that they won't get in), attempt 1 or 2 approaches then head off back south again?

I'm also curious as to whether Qantas & Jetstar made any effort during this inclement weather to replace cat D aircraft with cat C. I realise it must be a logistical nightmare, but is it given any consideration?

Qantas B738s have been flying the RNP(RNAV) approaches into Cairns for 3 years now, so maybe this will hasten the approval request/process for other operators.
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