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Cairns 15ILS - What Gives

Why in the name of God does it take over 2 months to replace the ILS. Are these numpties manufacturing each individual screw. Surely the system would be manufactured offsite, templates made for new building/mounting pads, and then new system installed with minimum disruption.

The 33LLZ replacement took only 1 month, and the runway lights 1 month(including new RESA for 15). Now rumours indicate ILS out till NOV or later!!

God knows the accumulated cost of all the recent weather diversions to TL by those unfortunate enough not to have RNP capabilities(some CX, QF, JQ, VB etc)

Admittedly the installers can't control the weather, but do try to hasten things up a bit lads.

Worlds' Best Practice my arse.....
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