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...I have noticed...Application of take-off thrust is done by slamming the throttles forward rather than the traditional ease them up method used on most other aircraft...Why...

It does seem rather brutal at first glance doesn't it, especially if you are used to handling piston engines with care!

Firstly however, unlike most jet aircraft, you never set reduced thrust for take-off but always set full power, which on Concorde meant that the throttles had to be fully forward, as far as they would go.

Secondly, you were not actually controlling the engines as directly as you might think. Various control units between the throttles and the engines would electronically regulate everything for you, especially spool-up rates, temperatures and thrust levels, even keeping #4 eng throttled back initially to 88% until reaching 60kts.

In effect, you were really just operating a switch telling the computers to set full take-off power.

And how slowly do you turn on a switch?
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