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Well, I was going to post about how I didn't always get on with Bino's, in a political sense & other areas, but it seems it wasn't just me! He has obviously created a polarising effect on people and, on a bulletin board, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

I think he is best summed up by a post he put in my "Almost Bought the farm" thread. We had been sparring quite frequently up until that point, and I think this sums up a man that can argue quite vociferously with and then...

Haven't checked in for months, Buster, but serendipitously here I am tonight. Wars of words over politics or anything else are reduced to nothingness when the family safety is at issue. My best to you and your family. Hope everything turns out ok.

Or health Bino's, or health. Take care mate & I hope you get back on here & abuse me for being a sissy or something!!!!
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