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Originally Posted by ChristiaanJ
I don't think my story would interest a larger public
I beg to differ Christiaan. I am certain your Concorde participation story would be of great interest to the aviation community. The project was a considerable undertaking and is made even moreso when you consider that almost 50 years after its' inception there has never been another aeroplane that has come within a mile (1,852mts) of having the performance of her; military included.

I would hate for all the little tit bits of this important part of aviation history be lost.

There is a thread in the Military Forum called Gaining An R.A.F Pilots Brevet In WWII where we are privileged to share some the personal stories of the heroes involved in that war. It is critical for our future generations that these stories are known and the participants, their stories and contributions are not forgotten. While Concorde was not part of any military conflict it is still important that the personal side of this massive engineering feat is not lost.

The technical information that you and M2dude are providing is absolutely absorbing but equally so are the personal contributions. An example is the mention above of the Air France and British Airways Concordes passing each other. Anecdotes like that are unlikely to be in the Concorde history books and I am sure there are thousands of other pieces of information like that from both the ground and air that will eventually be lost for all time unless we can get it written down somewhere. Where better than here.
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