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Damn, guess I am really that stupid. (Let's just keep that between you, Christiaan and myself ).

M2, the figures you give are incredible (I like stats) so I shall ask for more. Anytime you get tired of answering please just say enough.

How much fuel was used in the taxi. T/O roll. To TOC. Usage in cruise. From TOD?
How long did it take to get to TOC and was it done in one hit or were there stages when fuel burn allowed the climb to resume? What was the ground distance covered to get to TOC? How far out was TOD and what was ROD during the approach?

The amusing trim piece I found quite funny. That requirement must have been designed by several different Government committees; net result, nothing changes.

Had a question on the nose. You mentioned somewhere about a decompression when the nose was lowered to the 5 stage. This indicates that the nose had more than the Up and Down positions that I always thought. Were there multiple nose positions and when would they have been used. (Obviously nose full down was for T/O and Landing)

Last one for this post. What was the CoG range? I remember when I started flying and finally twigged to what it was all about that the PA28 had something like a 5" from the forward to aft limit and was massively surprised by the small "balance point". Trim tanks on 1 aeroplane I flew would have been most welcome.

I know I have asked a lot so please answer at your convenience.

Many thanks.
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