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Dengue Dude & RottenRay,

I am with you; I hate air displays.

I was privileged to watch JF practice his takeoff, all completely under control; when a water pump failed in a Farnborough display, that was already envisaged and within limits, the display carried on.

If the engine had gone bang, John had an escape route, with neither himself or the aircraft involving the crowd.

On the other hand a colleague in another aircraft performed the most incredible displays I and a lot of others have ever seen, for a conventional jet; right up to the moment he died.

As said elsewhere, the list of such casualties is endless.

I wonít go to see a toe-curling, gut wrenching display any more; if people will perform graceful displays ( warbirds for me ) well within the envelope of aircraft and pilot, Iíll pay.

Personally I can't help thinking display flying selling aeroplanes is probably long gone, a jet could do repeated -20G outside turns, but the accountants won't even be watching, and wouldn't get it if they did.

If people are going to push themselves and aircraft to the limits, let the people left be able to tell their families they were doing something like development or militarily useful helping comrades, not performing for ice cream lickers.

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