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Thanks for the MEPU link, that really brings back memories (or was that nightmares ). I remember at Fairford, a small drop of Hydrazine leaked onto the hangar floor; the next thing you heard was a really loud crack, and a after the smoke cleared, there was a sizable hole in the floor.
I'd still really like to know what the 'thoughts' on this APU issue actually were. Although as you rightly point out tank 11 already had a fair amount of 'plumbing' running through it, we are talking here about a duct with sufficient size that can provide enough mass flow to turn over an Olympus engine to at least between 10 and 20% N2. You are looking at an least 10" diameter duct, not including the copious amounts of thermal insulation surrounding it, as well as an extremely sensitive overtemperature protection system. (This tank is going to be near empty, filled with fuel vapour). I'm not really convinced that this idea would even be considered by the CAA/DGAC/FAA etc. for safety reasons alone.
Still, it's food for thought though
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