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Originally Posted by Machinbird
I suspect there is another still higher angle of attack where drag+ lift will balance the aircraft weight in a nearly level attitude.
Yes, your quite right, but it requires a higher airspeed. The lift-coefficient at alpha-max is 1.45 at sealevel. The proverbial barn door held perpendicular to the airstream has a drag-coefficient of the order of 1.1. I would think that your condition is somewhere in between, but suspect that it is closer to the barn door than to a high-tech wing with attached flow.


PS:: For example, taking the coefficient 1.1 for the resultant force of lift and drag (ignoring thrust); your AoA of 40 deg, and mm43's pitch of 5 deg. NU, would give a rate of descent of 10840 ft/min at 181 kCAS.

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