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PJ2 wrote:-

In any case, I think we've kind of beat this one up...
... and a transfer let alone a dump wouldn't have been on anyone's mind.

grizzled wrote:-

So my point is simply this: If that exact location was not surveyed thoroughly by the undersea location resources when they were available, it could turn out to be a major blunder.
In the cold light of day, the Drift Group were working with the positions of recovered debris, positions of drifter buoys that had passed by the area, and attempting to analyze satellite data on surface levels and winds to determine how those objects came to be where they were found. They have looked at the Pollution Spot (stain) and have determined that its position in relation to the other debris didn't make sense, and have legitimately dismissed it - though acknowledging its existence.

It may well prove to be a bad call, but we with 20/20 hindsight are left to argue and wonder about the spots relevance. In my original post on the subject, I indicated that further work may bring this Pollution Spot into sharper focus. On the other-hand it may turnout that the Drift Group were right. Either way, we are in the "know" and will be able to say, "We told you so!", or quietly merge into the background noise.


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