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The aviation industry in PNG has been basically self regulated for years by the operators, due to the associated problems with the government departments who are responsible for the industry, hence all the operators have taken it on board to enhance their own safety culture within their organizations. As mentioned in one of the recent newspaper reports last weekend, ramp checks etc once were being carried out but when the funding dried up it all stopped.

The report isn't really going to tell us anymore than we already know, the PIC hit the hill in IMC and that was the end of it. What needs to be addressed is how she ended up being in IMC below the LSALT, ie inexperience, training, commercial pressures, and the list goes on. To say that the aircraft crashed due to bad weather just doesn't fit the bill, as the PIC was the one who put the aircraft into the bad weather, was the weather bad at PY when she departed ? No.

I totally agree with Wiz, if the PIC diverts from SOP's/process which obviously has occurred in this instance it leaves a lot of things open. Basically if a crew ignore SOP's, then they are out on their own.

Industry education is the thing that should be coming out of this report, not pointing fingers at various people.

As we all know PNG is on of the toughest countries in the world to fly in, and the more the PNG aviation community learn from tragic accidents like this the better, in an effort to prevent accidents like this from occurring in the future.
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