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No personal abuse intended....... Must just read bad.
I do have a bit to say, but only about matters I know about. this happens to be one of those matters. (with regards to my last post)
I was simply wondering aloud with the post before. Wondering why so much importance is being placed on a report that will in essence achieve very little.
Basically, unless there was a systemic procedural problem, the pilot got it wrong. So someone gets the blame.... I can't see that achieving much at all. I guess the families will get closure of sorts........ they can now blame someone.
But why all the media coverage and public outcry of Syd getting canned?. Yes, the report will be delayed, but it certainly isn't going to make flying in PNG any safer because a report into a tragic accident is released. If one believes all the media hype, its the be all and end all of air safety in PNG and unless its release is done in a short time, we're all going to crash and die.
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