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EASA CRD NPA to 2008-17c & 2009-02e

Hello all,

Have been a keen follower of this forum for many years.

I surprised that this has not been mentioned on here but the EASA released this document on the 23rd June 2010 and has got some very interesting stuff within it.

I would strongly recommend following the bottom link and having a good look through:-

EASA - Comment Response Documents (CRDs) and Review Groups

It is to do with many of the proposed medical changes that will effect medical certs. etc.

What I would draw you attention to is the following paragraph in one of the documents:-

" 39. MED.B.065 - Visual System. There is one significant change in this CRD compared to JAR-FCL 3: One change follows comments from stakeholders and applies to all applicants for a class 1 medical certificate at initial examination and revalidation, where all limits concerning refractive error for myopia as well as limits concerning anisometropia and astigmatism were abolished provided that the visual requirements can be met with glasses or contact lenses."

The only bit that has got me confused at the moment is that the documents contradicts itself. In the first part of the documentation it states that pilot will now be tested to achieving 6/6 corrected or uncorrected using glasses or contact lenses etc.


In the part then concerning the comprehensive eye examination it again mentions the same old limits etc +5, -6 and up to 2.0 of astigmatism etc so has got me a bit confused.

But as a light of hope the pre refractive limits for surgery seem to have been relaxed.....+5 but nothing for short sight or astigmatism.

If anyone has a greater understanding than me please do not hesitate to let me know or perhaps discuss.

Keep praying guys and girls, we might just get there yet.....

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