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shouldn't there be an "area term" amongst the variables

comes in with the dimensionless coefficients

not all pilots are BSc level aeronautical engineers - some are just capable of the 3 times tables

or course - this is the reason that explanations are couched in different terms for different folks, according to their knowledge, needs and state of inebriation.

I guess they use their fingers to do that?

on occasion, depending on the quality of the grape, I have to resort to counting on my fingers and toes .. 11 is about as far as I can go.

Stick to the limits from the manufacturer - IAS/Mach/Altitude
If something untoward happens when you do 'X', undo 'X'
Learn the correct recovery actions if the problem persists.

now that's a terse set of good advice and well worth committing to memory.


thanks be to tradition .. shall we confuse them all with slugs, poundals, ergs, and such like ?
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