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The Aviation Tax

I started talking on this topic elsewhere, however, I think it should be a new thread, so I'll repeat what I said ...


While you await the Government's reaction (knee-jerk or otherwise), I have a suggestion for you. While you're on a roll, why not use your considerable network of contacts and resources to push the Government on the real issue.

In this forum, you are often thwarted by the response ... "we'll work any type of airspace asked of us... provided the appropriate resources, equipment and training are provided".

One of the reasons that those goodies aren't forthcoming is that the Government virtually pilfers large amounts of money from the Industry annually and spirits it away into consolidated revenue... never to be seen by the Aviation sector again.

Most years the "dividend" paid to consolidated revenue has been around the $100M mark. Last financial year, during the GFC, ASA managed to get a raincheck from the Government.

The Airservces Australia Act 1995 Part 5, Division 3, Paragraph 53(3) states:

A service charge must be reasonably related to the expenses incurred or to be incurred by AA in relation to the matters to which the charge relates and must not be such as to amount to taxation
ASA consistently over charges the Industry by around $100m annually. This looks, sounds and smells like a tax to me. If not, then it's consistently dismal financial management.

Could you imagine how $100m a year could be used? Perhaps provide equipment and training to enable the Radar Approach rating of Tower Controllers. Perhaps fund the training of additional Controllers to man low level surveillance airspace?

Your current Tasmanian stir may get the Minister to decree that ATC must be provided for all Jet RPTs or similar. What will then happen is that ASA will say that they don't have the resources to do that ... but they'll include it in their forward planning.

My challenge to you is ... if you really want to make a difference and ensure there's available resources for new Airspace and ATC initiatives ... help us get our money back.
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